My iWatch myself

So,  my husband got me an iWatch for Christmas. I have been “wanting” one for over a year…or since it came out.  When I analyzed my reasons for wanting it, I realize that I just want ALL new technology so I can play with it. My husband was skeptical about the usefulness.  And really, so was I.  In the last month let me share what I like about it.

  1.  I can see it.  I was given the 42mm version and it is easy to see the time as well as other text.
  2. I move more. Knowing that my watch is tracking my steps has made me walk more.  And that has helped with the loss of a couple of pounds.  10,000 steps is a lot, but I realized how sedentary I was.  Plus, I stand more.
  3. Text Messages are easy. I just voice record my response and send. Or there are about 20 quick messages that can go out.
  4. Photos: I set my watch on the mantel last Sunday for the Seahawks game and took a picture of my family cheering (with my watch).

So, that is about one new thing learned a week.  I will keep you posted on what I learn next.


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